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Wildlife Feeders & Houses

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  Wildlife Feeders & Houses

Taking care of the wildlife by providing feeders & houses will give you a great deal of satisfaction knowing you are doing your part to help nature by hanging feeders and houses for the wildlife.

When you hang our wildlife feeders & houses you can rest assure they will last through many years of service. All our feeders & houses are handcrafted in the USA from eastern white pine and constructed to last.

As more and more construction sites are taking away the natural habitat of our wildlife friends we need to do our part by ensuring they have a safe


place to eat and raise their young. What a rewarding experience and educational  lesson we can teach our young so they in turn will also help out nature as adults.

The weather outside is getting colder and winter will soon be here. We need to be prepared to help out the wildlife during the cold winter months by hanging winter roosts so they have somewhere to go to get out of the cold wet winter weather.

We also need to keep our feeders full as food is so hard to find in the winter for the wildlife. It brings us great joy in the winter months to see all the wildlife come around to get a snack.


Ideal for feeding several animals at the same time. Deer, squirrels, ducks and raccoons love this feeder.

Large Wild Life Feeder

Wildlife Feeder by Coveside
18"h x 15"w x 15"d

This large wildlife feeder is ideal for feeding all the wildlife that comes to your yard. Squirrels, ducks, raccoons and more will enjoy eating from this feeder.

This wood hopper holds 5 quarts of feed, which dispenses food to trays on both sides and will feed creatures for days.


By providing wildlife with feeders & houses you not only ensure this generation has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful wildlife creatures but also the many generations to come.

There are so many wildlife creatures depend on us to help them survive. Hang several wildlife feeders & houses in your yard and you will have your own nature show waiting for you every day.

Wood Duck House
Wood Duck House


Squirrel Feeder

Bee House
Hanging Woodpecker Suet Feeder
Hanging Woodpecker
Suet Bird Feeder

Nature Show
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